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Butterfly Hearts Incense burner

Butterfly Hearts Incense burner

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Here is our first-ever custom incense bowl for SHE! Made by talented local artist, Gigi Van Hove, she uses a mixture of copper metallic coloured glaze along with the green you are accustomed to seeing from the SHE branding colour palette. This ceramic piece looks incredible in any light and dazzles on the altar.

Incense is a powerful ally used for centuries in churches during prayer and meditation. It dates back to thousands of years ago and is used for clearing spaces and inviting in assistance from other realms, it helps us clear any blocks and raise our vibration.

As you know, hearts and butterflies are prevalent with the SHE brand and even incorporated in the logo. 

Now you can have yours also!
And to make it even better, we plan to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Kitten Connection!

Note: Each ceramic bowl is made individually, thus the oven temperature can impact results slightly from the pictures. Please contact us about delivery times or any other questions.
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