Reviving lost stories from the land

You’ll discover that the land we live on has a rich history. In the 1940s, António Fernandes and his family became the land’s first inhabitants. Having spent much time chatting to António’s daughter, Maria, we’ve learnt of their dependence on the land.
When you come and stay with us in western Portugal, you will be invited to join this connected way of living. Here are just a few ways you can get involved:

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The old lemon trees Antonio planted

The late Sr. António Fernandes was the first owner and inhabitants of this land. He and his wife were very kind and loved by the community. They had animals and planted lots of lemon trees and others. We continue this legacy by taking care of the lemon and orange trees. All organic and sovereign, no chemicals used. We use the lemons for cooking or juice and make marmalade. We donate excess and frequently exchange.

Love is like wine: it gets better with time

The house features a beautiful adega with exposed roof and antique barrels. The previous owner, Maria, said that as little kids, she and her siblings would partake in this annual tradition of stomping grapes to a backdrop of live accordions.

It's probably been decades since it's happened here in this room but wouldn't it be nice to renovate and relive those memories?

Would you like to participate in this activity and make your own wine?

Stay tuned!

Washing from the ancient well

One of the features on this land is a beautiful old well built by Sr. António in 1959. He was kind enough to share it with his neighbours so they could do their laundry. I'm sure the well has heard lots of stories!

On its 65th anniversary, we are renovating it and calling it "The Abundant Well of Dreams".

Letting your senses revel in nature

Sunshine, hugging a tree, forest bathing, the sound of waves on the beach… These are all therapeutic. And they’re all free. We are blessed with all of this, all year round.