Building better lives from the roots, upwards

It saddened me to see that radiation and pollution are continuing to destroy our environment and the animals that live alongside us.

Narcissism, discrimination and competition have been tearing apart our communities and our bodies. ⁣⁣⁣

We've witnessed so much war and violence. On a personal note, growing up during the Gulf war, hearing jet planes constantly overhead, fear visible on faces, I knew then that this isn't what children should be exposed to. 

Even in just one small way, I felt I must put an end to this destructive, perpetuated cycle.

  • The Seed

    SHE really came into fruition in early 2019 due to some tough personal challenges in my life.

    I decided it was now or never and took the plunge to be open with my vision with the world.

    I spontaneously booked a trip to Portugal — the homeland of my grandparents, that I always loved exploring...

  • Expect Miracles

    Through a series of miraculous synchronicities and wonderful people, I was led to this region, one that I had never heard of nor considered.

    I first saw this land in April 2019. The house was derelict and falling apart. But when I stepped onto the farm, my heart knew right away. This was the one. It just had the feeling and energy, and I knew I could mould it into something wonderful.

  • Signs

    In late 2019, I revisited Portugal in a quest to secure this land for SHE. I met the kind former owners and later discovered something that gave me goosebumps. She had the exact same first and last name as my late grandmother. If that wasn't a clear enough sign, I walked into a bank days later and the attendant too had the same name!

    SHE is a tribute to our ancestors, to grandma, Maria Fernandes, who's been helping me from the other side.

    Do you also believe in signs?

  • Experience Magic

    Since 2020, we are grateful that our wonderful community has been growing in magical ways. Many people from other countries have supported our mission.

    There are also a lot of 4-legged friends in love with our peaceful ambience!

  • The Fruit

    The trees at SHE were abandoned for over 20 years but still continued to produce fruit. When we took over, the gardener regained his job at the farm and reminisced about his time knowing the kind family which used to live here.

    We share our lemons and oranges with our neighbours kept in a basket near the property.

    We are restoring everything back to life!

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Samson's Story

On 29th May 2022, I found an infant kitten on the SHE farm abandoned, still with his umbilical cord attached. Kittens like him have a low survival rate as they need their mother.

Through a serendipitous event, The Kitten Connection was able to take in this lost kitten. They placed him in an incubator, bottle-fed him every 2 hours. And they saved his life. Fast forward to today and he’s a lively and spunky little cat who gives high-fives and does tricks!

That’s why 10% of all our online store sales go to supporting The Kitten Connection, a local charity close to SHE.

Samson is looking forward to meeting you soon.