You have all the power to heal the world

Modern-day utopia with old-fashioned charm

Nestled away on an organic farm in Zambujeira do Mar, Lourinhã, Portugal

Expect Miracles, Experience Magic.

Expect Miracles, Experience Magic.

Expect Miracles, Experience Magic.

Expect Miracles, Experience Magic.

Discover your magic

We are creating a sacred space on a beautiful farm close to Lisbon and minutes from the beach.
Move through yoga classes, meditation, massage, cooking classes and other cultural or spiritual events, workshops and retreats. Realize our own dreams and shine our Divine light.
Explore a loving space that heals, uplifts and brings peace to your mind, body and spirit.

Retreat centre coming soon…

Miracles of the Earth

This land was abandoned for over 20 years. We are in the process of restoring, renovating, repurposing and bringing everything back to life.

All elements are created with the planet in mind. Our products are eco-friendly, cruelty free and sustainable. We do our best to source locally first. From building materials to items found in our shop.

Creating a New Model

While most businesses’ primary focus on tourism from abroad, SHE pays most attention to locals. We involve, appreciate and welcome locals first and foremost, as they're the lifeblood of the community.

Community first

Our village is self-sustaining and we grow our own fruits and vegetables. 

We started our community exchange a few years ago, starting with a little basket of lemons outside our old garage.

We work with talented local & independent artists and artisans to ensure our products are unique (vs. mass produced) without ever compromising on quality.

Investing in future generations

We also welcome children and animals by incorporating practical workshops for them (e.g. kids’ farming or meditation) and cultural events like art, concerts, dance, cooking. 

It is important that children have practical knowledge and are able to think for themselves thus trusting their intuition more versus just accepting the general narrative. Future generations, future families are dependent on the children of today. And, conscious children become conscious adults and conscious parents, leading to a happier and healthier world⁣.

Space to Decompress

Quality of life and depth of experience is our guiding light. 

We are working with the top Feng Shui consultant in the world. 

We will also employ BioGeometry engineers to harmonize the space from any harmful electro-magnetic frequencies that — as humans — we absorb on a daily basis.

SHE is the first in Portugal to take these steps.

Boutique B&B. Holistic healing centre. Organic Farm.

Explore a space that offers yoga classes, meditation, cooking classes, herbalism workshops, and other cultural or spiritual events and retreats.

Zambujeira do Mar, Lourinhã, Portugal - 45 minutes from Lisbon’s International airport.

Striking and life-saving tote bag

Stylish, locally-made and sustainable. Show off your tote bag every single day whether you’re shopping or going to the beach. Maybe pack some of our lemons when you come visit!

10% of proceeds go to The Kitten Connection charity to save a kitten’s life.

Signs, synchronicities, miracles and magic

The world has experienced so much greed and power. And so we have been trapped in a dysfunctional society, full of guilt and shame.

We must search for a way to heal all levels of trauma. We must respect and appreciate ourselves, each other, and all nature.

Click here to learn how SHE was born from a serendipitous encounter, setting us on the path towards Earthly — and community — regeneration.

Let us help you find your best version

Expect miracles, experience magic.

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