The World Health Organization has declared loneliness a global threat

Modern day life for most of us is very hectic. We rely on technology for quick solutions.

So we often find ourselves spending more time on devices than with their families, loved ones and community.

Physical presence has been replaced by virtual rooms. And we have started to settle for connection through screens.

Our communities are weakening.

Nature vs. Greed

As we become disconnected from each other, we also become disconnected from the spaces we live in.

And so nature is slowly disintegrating. In some countries, farm land and green belts are torn apart in favour of development projects. If we lose trees and nature, the whole ecosystem falls into disharmony.

We need trees not just for fruits and vegetables, but also for oxygen to breathe.

When we heal ourselves, we heal the earth

This space is created to empower our community to shine their beautiful Divine light and share their gifts with the world.

We listened to those who lived a life before this endemic reliance on technology. We learned from them: the skills that helped our community thrive. We can learn from how they healed each other with natural remedies.

When you visit us, here in Zambujeira do Mar, you’ll see a thriving community. In fact, you will become a part of our beautiful family.

Create a ripple effect around the world

In visiting our Western Portuguese haven, you’ll learn their secrets too.

If you can leave your time here with something new to take home — whether it be how to make your own natural detergent, new techniques to reconnect to estranged friends — we’ve succeeded in reviving this ancient wisdom.

How about making your own herbal tinctures? Plant medicine has been around for centuries and has proven to be a powerful ally in healing the body naturally without the side effects common these days with mainstream medicine.

All of this in a space surrounded by wise old trees and the backdrop of a chorus of birds.

Children are the future

We’re saddened to see so many other retreat centres focus on profit, filling seats from around the world.

So we focus on community. First and foremost. Without this beautiful Portuguese community, we cannot function. We have no meaning.

Children are exposed to a new brand of learning: arts, culture, farming, cooking, playing with animals. Everyone welcome including pets.

We want to bring back these old ways of living, transporting us to a simpler time — but a time where we were more connected with nature. In doing so, we are able to enrich the community that surrounds us.

We believe in

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